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Stockholm panorama, Sweden

Stockholm attractions

Stockholm has been called the Venice of the north, and certainly the city has an intimate relationship with the sea. It is situated on a number of islands, today connected by bridges, and grew outwards from the central islands of Stadsholmen (“City island”) and Riddarholmen (“Knights island”) already in Viking times. Walking in the central district, including the Old Town, it is never far to a quay and lapping waves, marinas with sailboats or the mooring places for the regular boats that connect the far flung archipelago with the capital. And the sea of course is one of the main things that capture the imagination of visitors to Stockholm. Perhaps the best thing to start with is to get a birds-eyes view of the glittering streams, the bridges and the landmarks to visit.

Stockholm archipelago

A visit toStockholmneed not mean that you have to stay in the city – the water and the parks notwithstanding, it might feel nice to get out into the Swedish countryside where lots of interesting things are waiting for you.

The visitor to Stockholm has easy access to Sweden’s most famous archipelago, where thousands of islands large and small dot the seas. The larger ones have villages and even towns, and many others have at least a few farms or summer houses, which means there are regular boat services from Strömkajen just opposite the Grand Hotel.  The inner archipelago was a favored place for the romantic summerhouses of the rich in the 19th century, and as the boat passes you will see any number of wooden palaces where the carpenters of the day have let go of all inhibitions. The central place to visit is Vaxholm, linked with a bridge to the mainland, but with a distionctive “island feeling” and with an impressive defensive fort on a small islet. Tale a walk along the charming old alleys amidst the wooden villas and the humbler small townhouses for the fishermen, visit the museum in the fort or just walk along the water’s edge soaking up the atmosphere – you’ll be enchanted!

Stockholm museums

Stockholmin cold, grey and wet weather may seem a disaster to the holiday maker, and a disappointment threatening to ruin the vacation. Of course, the usual remedy is the cheerful exhortation to go to a museum, but you may feel even more dismayed by that. Museums are dry, boring and dusty places full of exhibits you don’t want any information about – or aren’t they? Actually, inStockholmyou may find some of the most modern and interactive museums there are, and as for the boring ones you may have to learn how to pick the raisins out of the cake. So let’s see what is on offer!

Stockholm in winter

Stockholmin winter – isn’t that the end of the world? Cold, expensive, nothing to see or to do, and sour and grumpy people in thick overcoats that speak an exotic language nobody civilized understands? While the capital of Swedencertainly is at its best in summer with glittering water, street-side cafés and abundant green areas for walks, it’s not bad during the cold season either.

Sweden travel guide

When people go on a package tour to Sweden, there seems to be a pre-set itinerary: they tend to go to Stockholm with an excursion to Uppsala thrown in, and then they make for Dalecarlia to celebrate midsummer in traditional fashion. Midsummer not being an option, they may go on a day-trip to the archipelago outside Stockholm. And while Stockholm is fine, Uppsala has Sweden’s oldest university, and going on a boat tour is always nice, this does seem a bit of a pity – there is so much else to explore. So why not skip the package tour (at least the second time round), get a cheap flight to the middle of nowhere (that’s the airport for cheap flights, Skavsta – but it has train and bus connections to the rest of the country) and an Interrail pass valid for one country (Sweden in this case) and set out to explore the Swedish countryside.

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Stockholm, the old town

Top 5 Things to Do in Stockholm

A collection of 14 islands on the very end of the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is one city that can be described as cosmopolitan in the real sense, whether you look at the amazing vibrancy of this remarkable city, the top class design to be seen everywhere, the easy going and laid back mentality that belies the pulsating vivacity that is the crucial characteristic of Stockholm. Hip and refreshing, experiencing Stockholm would leave you with enough pleasant memories to last you a lifetime, or several. For Stockholm hotels you should go to and check the latest Stockholm hotel deals. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden, and is its most populous city.

Sandals Montego Bay

Cheap Caribbean All Inclusive Resorts: Jamaica

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What To Look For In Turks And Caicos Resorts

What To Look For In Turks And Caicos Resorts

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One of the most important things you should consider is the location of the resort.

Nordic Sea Hotel

Nordic Sea Hotel

Guests enter into a long low-ceilinged lobby. A central stairway leads up to the first floor conference facilities, while a seating area to the right buzzes with customers awaiting entrance to the famous Ice Bar. Behind the stairway is a huge 9,000-litre aquarium, which sets the maritime theme for the hotel and dominates the stylish C Bar at the rear of the lobby.

Nordic Light Hotel

Nordic Light Hotel

Nordic Light Hotel – Stockholm’s design hotel. Behind our doors you can relax and enjoy the variations of the nordic light in a constantly changing atmosphere.

Berns Hotel

Berns Hotel

Located in an alley in the middle of the city, Berns hotel is a luxurious but intimate boutique hotel. Maybe it’s the secret entrance that has made such guests as Oasis, Noomi Rapace and the band Kent sleep well beneath their sheets. Or maybe it’s the majestic breakfast hall with crystal chandeliers and mirrors.

Elite Palace Hotel Stockholm

Elite Palace Hotel

Elite Palace Hotel is a modern hotel located in downtown Stockholm. The hotel guests can enjoy the nearness to all city attractions while still in a peaceful environment near walking paths by the water. Nearby the hotel you will find many pubs, restaurants and cafes from all over the world. At the hotel you enjoy delicious meals in The British style pub Bishop’s Arms, who invite you to exciting taste experiences, as it offers exclusive beer and whisky tastings.

Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza

Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza

Built in 1884, the Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza is centrally located in Stockholm, only 100 meters from the Stureplan. All rooms have cable TV, telephone, bathroom, shower and hairdryer, and there are two smoke free floors. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, three conference rooms and a traditional sauna, as well as parking.